Monday, April 07, 2008

Dreamrider - Barry Jonsberg

Michael Terny can dreamride. He can enter anybodys dreams and they will not really remember it. It's like lucid dreaming where you think the dream is real but it isn't. Michael can do anything to anyone even take away brain tumor, or even hurt someone. Michael has been to 7 schools in 4 years and at each one things start out ok, but then he gets bullied for being fat. At Millways High School Michael thinks things will be different. He gets to know Leah and after a few days he tells her that he can enter peoples dreams. She sets up a test to see if he's telling the truth by having Michael take away the blindness of her dog. The next day Leah's dog can see and she believes him. The bullying gets worse as the days go by. At the Year 10 social that weekend the bullies get to him and beat him up and he ends up in the hospital.

T.B. 4/7/08

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