Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Game of My Life By: Jason McElwain

This is a true story about Jason McElwain who was diagnosed with autism as a child two and a half years old. Jason overcomes his problem by working hard to overcome his difficulties. Of course his parents played a major role in Jason's life.

Now a days, especially in the Elections in the United States all candidates are mentioning autism, and what the candidates can offer to the individuals who have this increasing disease. In fact, the United States will create a special day for awareness of this disease.

Throughout the novel, the reader is getting a better knowledge of Autism. Now we are viewing Autism, as a common spreading disorder.

Jason in our novel, creates hope, and inspiration to all teens, who face having the label of autism. This novel takes place in 2006 about a real High School called Greece Athena Trojans that Jason attended. One of his motto's based on Rap Lyrics is as follows:- Never give up, never give in. Be motivated in everything you do, if you want to catch a dream. The sky's the limit. Give all that you can, if you want to catch a dream.

An interesting fact to note, Jason had a twin called Josh. By the way, Josh was a regular teen, who was a bother to Jason. On Saturdays they went to activities like baseball, basketball, or bowling to participate. Jason never caught on to bowling.

Once Jason talked to his brother, Josh became better friends. Jason played the drums, while Josh played the violin. Jason was placed in normal classrooms . Jason's favorite class was gym, because he was good in sports.

I enjoyed the novel very much. It was an eyeopener to autism. LD 4/8/08

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