Monday, April 21, 2008

Chanda's Wars By Allan Stratton

This novel is one of the most interesting stories I have read in the last couple of months. In fact I hated to put the Novel down.

This novel takes place in a fictional African country, where their is plen ty of turmoil , & strife. The people have a few cattle, and sheep. But basically the people are poor farmers.

The main character of this novel is Chanda . She is the older sister responsible for her little brother, and sister the Mother died of Aids. Chanda decides to take her younger siblings to the relatives who reside in a remote village. Unfortunately, the village is close to the border where a Civil War is ragging.

Ruthless to say, the rebels are led by a General Mandiki, who stops for nothing. He attacks villages at night, and steals whatever he can; including children, who he trains to be soldiers with arms.

The General feeds them, & provides shelter to the children. Life as a child soldier is hard, & hopeless. The General steals the brother & sister of Chanda's & makes them fight in the childs army.
Chanda begins her trek trying to find her brother & sister. She begins alone, but ends up meeting a young man who is an experienced tracker by the name Nelson. Chanda refuses to give in to fear, & is a very courageous woman. Chanda has much hope in the midst of terrible events. Soly & Iris are rescued by their older sister Chanda in a clever way. This took months to achieve. This novel is excellent to read.

LRD 4/21/08

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