Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cheater by Michael Laser

Almost everyone cheats at least once during a test they really need to pass. Now think of high-tech cheating. Cell phone with earbuds concealed under baseball hats as receivers and a pencil as a transmitter. A group of teens have been cheating one way or another their entire junior and senior high careers. Never having honestly passed a test they doubt they will pass the SAT College entrance exams, be able to go to good colleges as their parents hope. So, harass Karl, who is sure to be class valedictorian, offer to stop if he helps, add a few successful practice cheats on less important tests and everything is in place. Except, Karl doesn't want to cheat, and the cheaters are suspected already, including Karl and an evil vice-principal has established rules that will ban the students from college forever, and a school's investigative reporter is awfully nosey, and a crooked politician wants his son in on it. It seems that everyone wants something from Karl. All he wants is to finish his turtle science project in his amazing garage workshop and work up enough courage to kiss Lizette. Lizette is another brainy student and helps him puzzle his way out of the mess. Their idea is ingenious and funny. This is perfect for middle schoolers and 9th and 10th graders. Without being preachy it makes a case for honesty.
JDW 4/30/08

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