Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Day of the Assasins By: Johnny O'Brien

This is a novel that really took place before WWI . It was exciting to me , because I prefer Historical fiction novels to any other kind. This takes place during the rule of Austria-Hungarian Empire that consisted of Slovaks, Romanians, Croats, Czechs, Polish, Serbs, and other nationalities. I have visited the Schon-Brumm Palace in Vienna, Austria . It is talked about in the novel. I have gone to a Concert of Mozart works. I went in 2001 to visit the Palace.

Back to the novel, the year was 1914 in Sarajevo, when the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was completed. The actual shooting had been planned for months .

There was four males involved in the killing of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The main killer of the Archduke was Gavrilo Princip, who was a teen, and died in jail of Tuberculosis. The other men involved were caught. This novel points out that the wife of Gavrilo Princip helps shoot the Archduke.

We see many struggles in People's lives. It is a time of turmoil for many lives during that times.

Read the novel, and you will see many events that took place during this era in European History. Citizens had to make choices of what they had to do; and what they really believed in their heart. The novel was good, and made renewal in my mind to the actual events leading up to WWI. A very interesting novel. LRD 4/6/10

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