Wednesday, April 14, 2010

True believer By: Nicholas Sparks

This is a novel that caught my eye by the title. We are introduced by the two characters Jeremy Marsh, and Lexie Darnell. The two individuals, or characters seem to be distant. The secondary characters like Doris, is the town psychic, and the town Sherif Rodney are warm personalities. This story takes place in Boone Creek, North Carolina. Jeremy travels to Boone creek , North Carolina to investigate mysterious lights that appear in Boone's Creek local cemetery. Jeremy goes to the library everyday, and gets all sorts of information regarding the town. Jeremy comes from New York to report his findings. Jeremy works as an investigative reporter at a T.V. station in New York.
During his visits to the library he gets to know Lexie Darnel the town librarian , who helps him find the books in his research for the unusual happenings taking place in Boone Creek. The two, Lexie and Jeremy become good friends. They go out on a few dates, and enjoy their company. Lexie tells Jeremy she has no desire to ever leave Boone Creek. Lexie was born in Boone Creek, and raised there.

Moving on, people of the town believe that the lights appearing in the cemetery are the spirits of the dead. This becomes a legend, and attracts tourists to come, and see for themselves, the so called "lights". Town people imagined ghosts in the cemetery.

It all was a big mistake. Read the novel to find out the truth. I liked the novel very much.

LRD 4/14/10

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