Monday, April 12, 2010

Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green and David Levithan

Will Grayson and Will Grayson, one is straight and one is gay. One lives in Evansville Indiana and the other in Naperville and their lives are about to become intertwined. Straight Will Grayson has his friend Jane, who he likes, and his other friend named Tiny who is gay. Tiny isn't tiny at all. He's a big offensive lineman who's been friends with Will Grayson since the fifth grade. Gay Will Grayson is more of a loaner and has a few friends including Derek, Simon, and Maura. He's been talking to Isaac online for a year and they decide to meet. They decide on a place in Chicago to meet up at. Straight Will Grayson and his friends are across the street at a club to see a band they all like, but straight Will Grayson can't get in because his fake ID says he's 20 not 21. He's determined to use his ID, and goes across the street to a porn shop where gay Will Grayson is waiting for Isaac. They meet each other with gay Will Grayson thinking that straight Will Grayson is Isaac. Isaac turns out to be Maura, and it was her way of making sure gay Will Grayson was really gay. Tiny and Jane meet up with Will and introduces them to the other Will. Tiny goes off with Will Grayson while Jane and straight Will Grayson say that they like each other, but can't be together because Jane has a boyfriend. Tiny and Will Grayson begin to date and on top of that Tiny has his musical he's putting together about his life. About a week before opening day Tiny and Will get into an argument about the character based on Will. They don't talk for a few days, and he finds out from Jane that Tiny and the other Will have broken up. Tiny and Will make amends and along with Jane put on Tiny's play for the school to see.

I absolutely loved this book. From the opening sentence to the ending sentence the book grabs you, holds on to you and doesn't let you go till it ends. Green and Levithan draw the reader into the lives of both Will Grayson's and you can feel the emotion coming through the words as you read. It's almost like you are there watching the story unfold before your eyes. I would recommend this book to everyone.

T.B. 4/12/10

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