Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Three Cups of Tea By:Sarah Thonson

This is a novel about a true event that began in 1993 in the Middle East. One American man made it come true. His name is Greg Mortenson, who was able to raise finances for building schools in rural areas of Pakistan, and Afghanistan.m Normally, girls do not attend schools, and males are educated. The villages in poor, and rural areas never dreamed that male and female would attend schools with a roof, and walls, and even a bathroom for their use. To raise the money for building the sixty odd schools was a feat in itself. Mr. Greg was able to raise the money in the United States by speaking at meetings; when influential businessmen attended. Mr. Greg showed slides, and photos of the people in Pakistan, and the rugged area of the Himalayan Mountains. What began as Mr. Gregg's idea to build schools in Pakistan was when he tried to climb Kilmanjaro which is the tallest peak in the Himalaya's

Mr. Mortenson, became disorientated in the Mountains of Pakistan, and he ended up in a poor village. He promised the village a School. Mr. Greg endured death threats, and kidnapping.
Mr.Mortenson founded a organization called "promises for peace," which students learn about Pakistan and Arfghanistan to create global change. This novel is about Mr. Greg's journey to change the world. He (Mr. Greg) did this wish by building Schools to educate one child at a time.

The novel is heartwarming to the reader, and interesting too. It is a good novel. LRD 4/6/10

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