Friday, April 02, 2010

Flash Burn by Madigan

This is a romance from a guy's viewpoint. It has a fresh, not unrealistic ending, worth waiting for.

There are two girls in Blake's complicated life. Beautiful, delicious Shannon is his official girl friend. He hasn't really gotten to know Shannon too deeply which gets him into some tight situations. Also, Shannon's mom and his dad are worried about that big S word. Blake's brother appears to be cheering him on when he isn't dissing him.

Marissa, the second girl in his life, is just a friend. She is a troubled friend at that and Blake often tries to help her when perhaps he should be paying attention to someone else?!

Marissa and Blake are in photography classes together at school and work on projects together so they keep ending up together almost against Blake's will, or not.

Anyway the relationships sort themselves out but not the way Blake would want, not the way I expected. Poor Blake, he'll regroup, survive. Oh, he gets some unexpected recognition for his photographic work after the teacher had almost despaired of him, nice touch of hope. This is a really enjoyable read, I'd recommend it to almost anyone.

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