Friday, May 07, 2010

Adoration of Jenna Fox by Pearson

Jenna Fox, daughter of a powerful bio genetics engineer wakes from a coma her reconstructed body filled with blue biogel, her brain filled with neuron chips. Only 10 percent of her entire former self is left. Jenna slowly regains her strength, abilities, memories. Part of doing this is watching endless videos of her childhood through aged 16. She lives with her parents though her father is rarely there and her grandmother. Her neighbor is a long time friend of her father's.
She's been told she was in a terrible accident. As the story unfolds, she learns how terrible the accident was, that she has been reconstructed illegally, and gradually she regains memories no one thought she even had. She also struggles with the need for freedom and friends even as her parents try to keep her hidden, her grandmother's discomfort with what was done to save her, many other ethical and just recovery issues. This book packs a lot in only 255 pages and does it very well.
Its a creepy Frankenstein like story. Can they make us live forever? What would be reasonable limits of life spans if they could. what would reasonable limits of reconstruction in the event of extreme disaster like Jenna experienced. I think that people who read House of Scorpions by Farmer in which a powerful man kept cloning himself to use the clones as spare parts which meant their deaths would be interested in this book. I think we should all be thinking about stuff like this as it has the potential to actually happen. JDW 5/10

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