Monday, May 03, 2010

Burned - P.C. and Kristin Cast

Spoiler Alert: Events that happened at the end of book six Tempted will be talked about. So if you don't want to be spoiled don't read any further.

At the end of Tempted Zoe watched Kalona kill Heath, and after attacking Kalona with the spirit element Zoe's soul has shattered. Her body remains in the living world, but the pieces of her soul are trapped in Nxy's Otherworld. In the living world Stark, Darius, Damien, the Twins, Jack, and Aphrodite along with Zoe's body go to the Vampire Council in Venice to see what can be done to save Zoe. Once they find out that Zoe's soul has been shattered, Stark in his capacity as Warrior vows to head to the Otherworld, and make sure Zoe's soul gets back to her body. It's determined that Stark needs to go to the Isle of Women to get Zoe back into her body. In Tulsa Stevie Rae called Darkness this world, symbolized by the bull, and the bull tells her how Stark is to enter the Isle of Women. She also has to keep the fact that the raven mocker Rephaim is alive, and she is protecting him from the other red fledglings. Stevie Rae also has to deal with rogue red fledglings which are causing havoc in Tulsa. Zoe on the other hand doesn't want to leave Heath all alone in the Otherworld, and is weakening because she can't pull the pieces of her soul together. Can Stark gain entry to the Isle of Women to save Zoe? Will Stevie Rae's secret about Rephaim come out? Can Zoe pull her self together and return to the living world? Well I'm not going to spoil the book. You will just have to read Burned to find out the answers.

The next book in the House of Night series is called Awakened. As of this writing no publication date has been announced.
T.B. 5/3/10

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