Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sofi Mendoza's Guide to Getting Lost in MexicoBy:Malin Alegria

I picked up this novel displayed in our Young Display area for the "cinco de mayo" celebration. This is a Historical date in Mexican History. This is a the Day " 5 De Mayo" when the Mexican troops defeated the French in Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is one hour from the Capital of Mexico by car.
This novel has to do with Seniors in the United States in High School that take a joy ride across the U.S/Mexican border. The problem was some of the teens have no proper documents to prove their nationality.One girl Sofi is detained by the Custom Agents. Sofi has no proof of being a U.S. Citizen, or having a Permanent Resident card. All Sofi can tell the Custom Agents, she is a Senior in High School in the United States
Sofi is born in Mexico , but lived in California most of her life. Fortunately Sofi has friends in fact family, where she can stay til her parent's fix her documents. Remember Sofi is not fluent in Spanish. Besides, she is not used to Mexican culture.
She arrives at her Aunt's "rancho," and finds she has three cousins. Sofi shares her bedroom with her three cousins. Sofi finds out the hard way that the showers only have cold water. Something did not mention was the rooster on the ranch made his calling out at the wrong times. Another thing that happened to Sofi was she was bitten by bed bugs while she was sleeping. Sofi thought the bites were from a spider. Sofi ended up by staying on the "Rancho" for three weeks in
Mexico. She made friends , and even went to parties. Sofi fell in love with a young Mexican.
Sofi also cared for her two young boy cousins to help them get to School on time. Sofi's Aunt worked full time far from the "rancho."
I liked the novel very much. The novel had lots of action, and learning experiences.

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