Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Crazy Summer By: Rita Williams Garcia

This novel is very interesting to me, because of my studies in Sociology. It also brings out our society in the United States, where many siblings like in the novel are kept apart from their Mother. In this example of the novel, the children were in the household of their Father staying.

There were three girls or daughters in the family, Delphine the oldest, Yoppetta, and Fern. They lived in Brooklyn with their Dad, but were sent one summer , to where their Mother lived in Oakland, California. It was a big change for the three girls. After they took the plane trip across the Continental U.S. The Mother told them to buy take out food, which was Chinese. This was astonishing to the girl's to them to see their Mother after many years of not seeing her. This was not only one time for take out food, but everyday. By the way , the Mother gave them money for their food.

The next awakening was the girl's were sent to Summer Camp run by the Panther's which are a Revolutionary group in the 60's. The Mother did not let the three daughters step into her kitchen ever.

Read the novel to find out what was hiding in her kitchen ? Also what does the Mother
do for a job? The novel is very interesting, and great for teens.
LRD 5/16/10

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