Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deadline by Chris Crutcher

This is a well written novel about a small town called Trout, Idaho, and how a Senior in High School Ben Wolf handles his life. He was given a medical diagnosis that had him only had one year to live. Ben Wolf does not tell a soul about his short life he has. Ben Wolf does not tell his parents, or his brother, who is a star player on the Trout High Football Team. Ben plans to live
his fantasies, and try to be the best football player at Trout High.

One fantasy Ben wants to date Dallas Suzuki, who is a dream boat in his Senior Class. Ben would like to take her to the High School Prom. Ben has had a crush for Dallas for a while.
The author of this novel has gotten many awards for his writing's. Crutcher's novels are for young adult audience. The author besides being a writer is a trained family therapist, and a child therapist in Spokane, Washington.

Ben Wolf has the problem of keeping his secret about himself, and not sharing with anyone. As he deals with the secret of only one life to live he realizes that other people in his High School have secrets not shared.

Read the novel as you might, and find out if Ben Wolf was able to keep his secret. I liked this novel. LRD 5/13/10

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