Monday, January 24, 2011

Before I Fall By : Lauren Oliver

This author writes her first novel which is fantastic, and has a lot of meaning to it. This novel deals with what it means to live, and die.

Samantha Kingston has everything in life. A great boyfriend, three amazing best friends. Samantha has picked at Thomas Jefferson High the best table to eat in the cafeteria of the school. Samantha has the choicest place for parking in the High School lot. She has it all.

Nobody knows, what day is our last day on earth. We must all prepare ourselves for that important day .

Samantha Kingston has no clue that Feb. 12 is her last day on earth. She lives a charmed life with no worries. She figures out her death, which is mysterious. Samantha realizes now after a near death , of all she will loose, or leave behind.

The novel in my mind is good, and a worthwhile read.


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