Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Hostage By: Susan Wiggs

At first the novel is about the great fire in Chicago, that left most buildings downtown destroyed, and families were separated. Panic broke out , and there was looting everywhere.

The main character in the novel Deborah Sinclair is kidnapped by a sailor man on a traveler ( kind of a boat) by Tom Silver for ransom. Tom Silver has an adopted Father. They live in a settlement close to Minnesota. Deborah lives there for six months. Deborah does hard labor for way of life, and tries to get away a couple of times. She is caught each time. Deborah is accustomed to the rich life. Maids & cooks are at her disposal. She also has gone to private Schools, and sort of been brought up as a princess, very spoiled.

Tom Silver believes he can obtain a big ransom for Ms. Sinclair from her father who is super wealthy. The novel goes on in details about Deborah, and letting her go for ransom, and the dealings with her wealthy father.

I thought this was going to be a historical novel, but to me it wasn't.

The novel was interesting, but a bit wordie to me.


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