Saturday, January 15, 2011

Manifest: a Mystyx Novel by Artist Arthur

This is the first of a trilogy, also my first Kimani Tru novel. Krystal's mother has recently divorced and moved back to her home town. Krystal is upset with mom, most especially because she hasn't answered any questions about the divorce. At her new high school, Krystal who has recently turned fifteen meets to other recently fifteen teens, Sasha, a richie and Jake, a tracker. The three share identical m shaped birthmarks. They also appear to be manifesting super powers for the first time. They form a sort of secret union since they are of different social groups. Jake's grandfather possesses a diary from his wife and some random knowledge about the whereabouts of the powers. Krystal is able to hear and speak with the dead. This is totally freaking her out. One especially persistent ghost is Ricky, a teen who was murdered and he doesn't know by whom and cannot pass into the light until his buddies are cleared and his murder is solved. Two other recurring ghosts already have halos, have moved on but cannot help Ricky. Both are girls who are unsolved murders. One is Trina, Ricky's girlfriend, the other is the red headed crying girl, in turns weepy and angry. The trio start researching Ricky's death and trying to solve the crime. They are also all preparing to go to a school dance with different dates. The girl's dresses are wonderfully described. And, Krystal has begun to receive scary phone messages some accompanied by nude pictures of Trina and the Crying Girl. One more thing, on several occasions first Krystal then all three have been attacked by a trio of angry Crows and have seen wisps of black smoke snaking away while feeling deep dread. An incident at the dance leads Krystal to solve both Ricky's and the girls' murders. As the story closes the trio once again sense the growing dread, the growing evil dark and know they will at sometime have to face and overcome it. Mystify, is the next book in the series. I look forward to reading it. This was an exciting, fast read.

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