Monday, January 24, 2011

The Last Thing I Remember By: Andrew Klavan

The novel is about a teen who is seventeen years old called Charlie West, who is accused of killing his best friend Alex from High School and must appear in a Court of Law. Charlie is given a time in jail for the killing of Alex. Charlie is innocent of this crime, and is thrown into jail. Charlie has a girlfriend Beth that he loves very much. Both of them love each other through all the problems they have. Charlie and his family lives in Centerville, which is a town, where everybody knows everyones' business.

Charlie escapes from jail ,using a truck from the police, his get-a-way. Charlie eventually abandons the prison truck, and goes by foot into the woods, where he feels he is hidden better from the prison guards. Charlie finds a deepish puddle, where he manages to jump into so he is concealed from his enemy,or prison guard. The guards have special dogs looking , & smelling Charlie's scent. When Charlie plunges into the puddle he finds a cave, where he can swim to dry land, and get out, for his escape route away from the prison guards. He walks a long way, and doesn't recognize his surroundings. Charlie hears a young girl about five years old calling her Mother. This is a cue for Charlie to get some food, and rest, and maybe take a shower, and obtain some clean clothes. He asks to use their telephone, and talk to his parents. He finds out his parents have disconnected their phone in their house. The woman of the house who Charlie had found the little girl called her husband. The husband was the Asst. Attorney of Centerville, and knew about Charlie. The wife and young child were scared of Charlie, so they abandon their house in fear that Charlie would kill them. With the Police, and Sheriff surrounding the house Charlie was apprehended, and was taken to jail. He escaped at the front door of jail. Charlie used a car with the key in the ignition.
I will not go further into the details of this novel. I recommend this novel with its mysteries, and intrigues. LD/1/24/11

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