Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

First, although Anderson is well respected and popular, I don't especially like stories where issues are more important than character development. The subject is bullying and perhaps emotional abuse.

Tyler, took out his rage over being bullied by vandalizing the school. He received probation and community service for his evil deed. The story starts with both of these mostly out of the way but with an increase in the verbal attacks on him. His best friend is also being bullied by the same group of kids.

The sister of one of the bullies has taken an unexpected interest in Tyler. She sits with him at lunch and texts him. When her girl friends are around though she hangs with them instead. She invites Tyler to a big underage drinking party. Then goes with the girls. Tyler walks there so arrives late. Many are already drunk and making out. Tyler who is on probation and not supposed to be partying and drinking, mostly abstains. Still going is not his brightest decision.

He winds up driving the girl and a boy, both drunk to near toxicity home. Then walking home. Someone from the party has posted not very nice pictures of the girl on the Internet. Tyler is accused. The bullying in school gets out of hand to the point that Tyler is beaten up and made to go to school in isolation though he is not at fault. His computer is confiscated, he considers suicide. His father, who works for the girl's father is fired and takes it out on his already beaten son. From here the story winds down with Tyler deciding to take some control of his life and plan for the future and leave the mess at school behind. jdw 1/15/11

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Netherland said...

This was a truly heartbreaking story of a man who takes out his life struggles on his wife and teenage children. Tyler, the main character in this story, has his own troubles. He has not made the best choices in this story, but my thoughts on this were that maybe the dad had something to do with his acting out.