Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beautiful Dead Series by Eden Maguire

This series must be read in order or it does not make good sense, even then there are problems. It is strictly for chic lit or beach read fans, its that light. I have read Phoenix and Jonas. Jonas is the first but not the first I read.
There is an overlord named Hunter who brings souls back to earth from limbo. He brings around 10 at a time for a period of around two years. During that time they are essentially undead but not really zombies. They can be seen by humans, they are quite beautiful in appearance apparently. In one place Hunter says no heart no blood. Hunter is also a beautiful dead having been shot some 100 years previously trying to protect his family. It was on his farm which is now nearly forgotten and rotting away. This is where the beautiful dead live and grow vegetables. I've no idea why Hunter has the power to bring folks back from the dead, how he chooses who to bring back or why they need to grow vegetables. They have that period of time to resolve whatever issues caused them to be caught in limbo. It is hard to resolve issues when you are not free to move around, question people, look for clues. Enter Darina, who just happens to know four of the beautiful dead, all recently killed in apparently tragic accidents, or maybe murder. Darina is sorely grieving her boyfriend of just a few months, Phoenix. She has driven her run down car out into the boonies while mourning and stumbled upon the farm and the beautiful dead. She is warned off, she refuses to stay away obsessed with the boyfriend and getting him back. Finally Hunter just seems to give up on scaring her away and says he will give her very limited time with Phoenix if she works to discover how Jonas was killed. She does everything all wrong but is constantly forgiven. She does endless forbidden things to see Phoenix and gets him punished by Hunter. Anyway, it goes on and on til finally the circumstances of Jonas's death are uncovered, he can move on. Darina still cannot move on, obviously the beautiful dead then ask for her inept help uncovering the truth about Arizona's death, and so it goes. This series is a fast read but not a very good one. JDW4/21/11

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