Monday, April 18, 2011

Borderline By: Allan Stratton

This novel attracted my attention due to the fact, I thought it was about an illegal immigrant escaping over the border into the United States. Little did I know the plot was completely different. This is a story about a Muslim teen who is placed in a private school, where he is the only Muslim attending the school. Sami, the Muslim teen tries to save his Father, his family, and his own life, because the F.B.I. goes to Sami's home, and the F. B. I. believes this is a Center for Terrorist Activities. This novel makes you wonder could this really happen in the United States ? I mean where the F.B.I. has the right to barge into a home , and search around for evidence without permission, or notice. It is very scary to anyone who goes through this event. This novel in sections, or parts can be thrilling, or scary. Read the novel, so you can understand the plot, and incidents from the novel. I enjoyed the novel very much, and much of the happenings you can read about today in some newspapers, or magazines. Sami risks his life to uncover the truth, when his father is implicated in a terrorist plot. This novel is very appealing and I liked the novel very much. LRD/4/18/11

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