Monday, April 18, 2011

Mexican White Boy By: Matt de la Pena

This is a novel about a teen who searches for his identity called Danny. Danny is half Mexican and half white. One summer he spends with his cousin , and new friend on the baseball fields, and back alleys of San Diego county, California. Danny was convinced that his white skin came from his Mother's side of the family. Danny's father went back to Mexico. Danny speaks no Spanish, which hinders him . Danny's Mother is a blond blue eyed American; and the father a Mexican race with a spec of black. This novel has a message for teens, as well as adults. No matter what problems we might have in life, we can still reach our dreams with a positive attitude. This novel is super interesting, because it takes place in the alleys of San Diego, California, and on baseball fields too. I myself only know some of the basics of the baseball game. The novel became very impressive with Danny's pitching at 95 miles per hour. Many people in our society where brought up as children, and teens to speak their native language, but after their eighteen year old birthday they seem to only speak English. This novel is a good read. LRD/4/18/11

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