Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Small Free Kiss in the Dark By:Glenda Millard

This is a novel about life when your down on your money, but you believe in the power of hope, and stuggle to survive

There are several characters in the novel, who cope with the situation as best as possible. The first character is "Skip", who lives on the streets , when the world explodes into chaos. Then we have "Billy" an older homeless man friend of "Skip", who the two of them are trying to escape the war -torn city. Next comes "Max" who is an abandoned boy. "Tia" is a teen Mother, who has a baby called "Sixpence." They all live in an amusement park, and hide in the shadows.

The boys walk to a supermarket , where they had been before. It was all destroyed by fire, so they found a store that provided infant formula for the baby "Sixpence." They also found jam and baby food in a jar. When the boys came back from the grocery store, Tia and Sixpence were missing. Then the boys remembered that "Tia" and "Sixpence" always liked to be around the refreshment pavilion.

"Billy" and "Max" made an Art project for "sixpence" . The men made 47 paper cranes for the baby. They figured "Sixpence" would like when it was to cold to go outside, so they strung the paper cranes on string, and hung them up in the tunnel, so "Sixpence" could gaze at the cranes.
Besides it kept the baby quiet.

This novel was informative, and interesting to me. I have never gone without food, or been homeless. The novel is a very good read.

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