Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deadly By: Julie Chibbaro

This is a novel that takes place in the 1900's in New York. The novel has to do with the outbreak of typhoid fever. People are falling ill every week, but have no clue, or the cause of how they are getting this disease. As the you might know, this illness is a killer.

There is no evidence of how people are getting typhoid, until a sixteen year old Prudence Galewski, takes a job as an Assistant in a laboratory that the signs of Typhoid appears. It seems one woman has worked in every home , where the fever has ravaged. Mary Mallon, an Irish immigrant worked as a cook for each home, where the Typhoid is evident. The newspapers nick named the Irish cook as "Typhoid Mary." Oddly though, Mary was not sick any day of her life.

This is a historical genre written by the author of this novel about Mary the cook. I enjoyed the novel very much , but I loved the Historical aspect, and the intrigue to the novel.

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