Sunday, June 18, 2006

High Heat by Carl Deuker

Shane Hunter may have one of the toughest jobs in any sport played, he's a closer. A closer is a pitcher that comes in and tries to end the game for the winning team. At times they are given a slight lead and must be at their top of the game to not give up a run. Most times it’s just a pressure issue with pitcher in not being able to close out a game but for Shane he feeds off of the pressure. Until his father is caught for laundering drug money for drug lords and commits suicide.

Now Shane's nice cozy life of riches is gone on the ghetto slumps is his new life. All his former friends barely acknowledge his existence. Shane now hangs out with low lives and vows never to play ball again. When Shane gets in trouble with the law and is shoved back into the spotlight, can he regain his early form and once again be the shutout pitcher he use to be?

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