Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tangerine by Edward Bloor

Paul Fisher is going to a new school, and new town, a new state, a new everything. His parents decided to move from Texas to sunny Florida to a new development in Tangerine, FL, which use to be all citrus groves. Paul wouldn't have been an unusual kid if it weren't wore these bottle cap glasses he has to wear because of his near blindness. Paul tells people that he looked at an eclipse but he never remembers ever staring at it. Even though he has to wear goggles when he plays, he's one heck of a keeper (soccer goalie).
When he tried to get in the Soccer team for school he was cut because the school didn't want him to be a liability. Now with nothing to do school has become terrible to cope with until one day when a sinkhole suck down half the school. When given the chance to transfer to another school Paul jumps on the chance to once again tries for the soccer team and hopefully win some recognition from his dad who idolizes his football star kicker brother. Paul wins new friends at his school and is slowly remembering why he really became fully blind.

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