Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Hunter's Moon

In order for the land of Faerie to continue to exist a human sacrifice must be made by the king of faerie on the night of the Hunder's Moon. The Hunter is a worm. A being from the dark. Human cousins Findabhair and Gwen go on an adventure searching for and finding the land of
Faerie. Upon entering one chooses to stay and one to leave. One agrees to be the sacrifice, the other to try and rescue her cousin and best friend from her fate. Perhaps a company of seven blessed by Faerie could overcome the truly evil worm that is the Hunter. All agree it is worth a try. And so it is Dara king of the Isle of Inch and his great aunt Grania healer, Gwen, friends Mattie and Katie met during her travels, Findabhair and Faerie King Finvaara all transformed in wonderful ways with gifts of strength of Faerie go against the dreaded monster. Fans of author Chris Wooding should enjoy this story and sequels.

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