Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hoops by Walter Dean Myers

Lonnie Jackson seems like a regular kid living in the ghetto but he has a natural talent for playing basketball. The only problem that Lonnie has is that he isolates himself from the people around him, his mother, friends and even his girlfriend. When the local gym decides to join in on a city wide tournament, Lonnie is introduce with a street bum named Cal who will be his new coach.
Lonnie doesn't like this new addition to the team and immediately clashes with Cal on how to run the team. When Cal tries to help Lonnie improve his game, Lonnie discovers that Cal use to be a top notch player from the NBA! Cal then talks on how he made mistakes in his career and was banned from playing ever again. Now Cal hopes to teach Lonnie so that he doesn’t do the same. Will the Lonnie get to live his dream of playing pro basketball or will Cal's past come haunt him again?

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