Monday, June 19, 2006

The Wrecker's By: Iain Lawrence

This is a novel that takes place in Pendennis, Cornwall. This is a County in England famous for pirates. It is known in History that many shipwrecks occured around this location due to evil happenings. The actual villagers prayed for shipwrecks. The people of Pendennis they lived from whatever they could savage from the shipwrecks. Things they got were dead sailors tools, and trinkets.

The book is written in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson, and Charles Dickens. The book is a tale about bravery, verses, and villainy. The characters of the book are very well portrayed. There is one female character calle Mary that adds flavor to the story. Her Father is called Simon Mawogan who was mixed up with the wreckers. John Spencer, a young man, survived a ship wreck . He was a boy who became a man, and helped a lot with people. He eventually rescued his Father , whome he believed was dead.

This is an excellent read, and lots of action.
LRD 6/19/06

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