Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Maisie Dobbs by Winespeare

This was on the best book for teens list a couple of years back. Its a first book in a new adult mystery/suspense series set in the early 1900's England. Its a cozy mystery. Nothing is too graphic and Maisie is a sweet, upright, character who has seen bad times. She also has a gift for reading people and understanding the deeper meanings in what they say do. This makes her especially suited to solving mysteries. She is asked to find out if a young wife is unfaithful to her husband. She finds that the woman in question is grieving over the death of a long lost lover. He was severely injured in wwII and never fully recovered. Curiously his grave and those of several others in the cemetary bear only first names not last. This leads to the discovery of a farm retreat for soldiers with severe facial wounds. Something sinister is afoot there. Maisie sets out to discover what before the son of her former employer permanently enters the retreat.
I can't think of a teen who would read this. Also, I knew everything long before it was revealed, but it was kind of fun and maybe someone really really into mysteries would be interested for the thought process Maisie uses to uncover the truth.

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