Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad by Sakuishi

This is manga. This is intended for older teens. Like most manga the suggested age range is on the book. It is a good thing when parents(especially of younger teens and of children) take an interest in the books their kids are reading and perhaps nudge. The language is as rude and crude as teens (especially guys) get. The story is an absolute hoot and very age appropriate. Which means funny. The guys are in a garage band of sorts and practice a lot and think of names for their band a lot. The girls are fantastic swimmers on a swim team. There are no rules that those guys in the band couldn't be on the team too. Fun right. There are no rules girls can't be involved in the band. Beck is the dog on the cover - rescued if you look at him you can see he has been through quite a lot!
JDW 7/23/08

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