Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sketches by Eric Walters

Dana has run away from home. She ran away from everything she knows because of her stepfather. She meets up with Ashley and Brent, who are also homeless. They ask for money from people at the train station, clean car windows, and even go to places that give free food just to survive day to day. One day Dana is spray painting on a wall and Robert Erickson sees it and tells her about a shelter named Sketches that helps young artists. Dana is hesitant at first and Ashley and Brent don't want her to go, but she goes anyway and finds that she enjoys being there. As the days go by she learns about Ashley's and Brent's life before they ran away. They also start to save money to get an apartment together. Ashley and Brent eventually find out that Dana cuts herself and that she ran away from home because of her stepfather.

A good book that shows what people do to survive on the streets. Also, how family is important no matter if its your immediate family or your friends. No matter what happens you can always go back home again.

T.B. 7/15/08

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