Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Juvie Three By: Gordon Korman

This novel is an eye opener to all who read this book. It has to do with three boys serving time in juvenile detention centers. The three boys are Gecko Fosse, Terence Florian, & Arjay Moran. Lo and behold, they meet Douglas Healy, who was a former juvenile delinquent. Now Douglas Healy runs an experimental half way house. It seems to be managed well until Healy tries to break up a fight one day. Healy is knocked unconscious, so the boys deliver him to a hospital without staying around. Healy stays in a coma for one week, & looses all his memory. He doesn't have a clue what his name is, & address where he lives.

Gecko comes often to the Hospital to visit Douglas. Gecko to his surprise, meets Roxie, who is a volunteer at the Hospital. Gecko falls head over heals over Roxie. Things get complicated & Gecko finds out Roxie is connected to the Asst. Chief of Police.

This novel is fast paced & would be interesting to any middle school teen. I liked the
book very much. LRD 6/30/08

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