Sunday, July 20, 2008

"La Ciudad de la Oscuridad" By Jeanne Duprau

This novel was quite unusual to me, being that the story was all about a town called Las Ascuas. This town was in the dark after 7pm. To me the town was fictitious.

The town had few stores that were limited in merchandise. The canned vegetables, and canned
fruit were the same over, and over. In other words, there was no variety in anybody foods. People of the town felt they were in a routine with no way out.

One day, Doon, who was a main chacter in the novel, and Lina a female charracter in the book,
were on an adventure in the huge plumbing pipes. They discovered a door that opened into a
beautiful room that stashed away exotic foods that they had not seen in five years. For example.
pineapple, and applesauce. It turned out the mayor of Las Ascuas, had this room full of goodies
for himself. The mayor was hoarding the goodies, and used the room for his Apartment.

Towards the end of the novel, Lina, Poppy, and Doon plan to escape the surroundings of their village, and end up in a Lake, and a new place.

Throughout the novel, the author is so descriptive of nature, and the places delt with in the novel. It makes you feel your living throughout the novel.

This novel is meant for a High School reader, who enjoys adventure.


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