Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Last of the High Kings - Kate Thompson

This sequel set 25 years after The New Policeman has J.J. grown up and having his own family. His daugher Jenny though, is not human, she is a fairy child from T'ir na n'Og. Jenny doesn't have any idea who she really is at first. She skips school because its so boring, and she goes up on to the mountain and spends her time conversing with the ghost who guards the hatchet there. From a Puka she learns about T'ir na n'Og and why the ghost guards the mountain. Jenny learns that she isn't human and is from T'ir na n'Og. J.J. made a deal so that Jenny could grow up here while his own daugher stay young until Jenny went back to T'ir na n'Og and his daughter come back to him to raise with his wife. Jenny does go back to T'ir na n'Og after helping Mikey, The Last of the High Kings, go up the mountain one last time even though the Puka don't want him to.

It was an ok book. By the title I was thinking that Mikey was going to be a central part of the story, but it turns out that it was about Jenny for most of the book. Mikey pops up here and there and is part of the ending but thats about it. Both The New Policeman and The Last of the High Kings have a good story to be told, but the way it was told didn't really work for me. I'm not saying they aren't good, I guess I expected more from the story than what was in the book.

T.B. 7/17/08

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