Tuesday, November 11, 2008

El Hombre Que Calculaba By: Malba Tahan

This novel in Spanish is about Beremiz Samin, the Calculist man, who calculated every aspect of his life when solving a problem. His personality was usually happy, and had an ability to the max, or gift in solving numbers. Beremiz had a method in counting camels. He counted the feet, and the ears, and added one. We might say, Beremiz was a genius.

Malba Tahan was from Bagdad. He traveled to many countries visiting royal palaces of king's , or Sultan's. Sometimes Beremiz had trouble with the solution of his problems he solved. But in the end, Beremiz had resolved the problem that none managed to figure out. For instance, Beremiz the solver, most difficult problem to figure out, was life, and love.

One big problem for Beremiz was how he would be married, and with who. He wanted to marry one of the Governor"s daughters of Iran. The only big problem was that Beremiz had to guess the color of eyes of five slaves of the governor. The eyes were bandaged . Three slaves had blue eyes, and constantly lied. Beremitz did a good job job, and was able to get a wife.

Este libro es interesante para gente que le gusta Historia, y Matematica. Al principio del libro es un poco lento, pero despues al rato, el libro es informativo. El libro es para alumnos de secundaria.

LRD - 11/11/08

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