Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn

Miles and Laura, first cousins, have been best friends, sisters since they were small. Over the years Laura, the extrovert, the pretty one became involved in school, had a wide circle of friends while Miles never really fit in. She was bookish, fat, abusing prescription drugs she obtained any way she could and stayed on the fringes of Laura's group. No one knew that Laura was deeply, painfully depressed except her father until her suicide, then it was too late. Miles, Bex and Jamal along with Laura's and Mile's fathers struggle with the deep pain of their loss. Each struggles in their own way. Miles sinks more and more often into the dream world pills allow her to escape into. The others watch helplessly at the same time trying to get on with their own lives, until Miles seeking the dream one more time overdoses. All of Cohn's main characters are disaffected teens, angry misfits and this book is no different. But, It is easier to understand and care about Miles and her pain than to understand the main character of Gingerbread talked about earlier. The hurt left by the suicide is painfully felt. The interrelationships among the characters were hard for me to understand but perhaps others will understand better than I did. I just think this story lacks depth that I would have appreciated. I think Cohn wraps things up to quickly. But teens who like reads short and fast may like this book. JDW11/20

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