Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Impossible - Nancy Werlin

When Lucy Scarborough is seven she finds old letters in her room. Little did she know that those letters were from her mother, and would one day ten years later help her solve a curse that has plagued the women in her family for generations. Flash forward ten years and Lucy is in high school and getting ready for prom in a few days. She finds out that her next door neighbor Zack will be living with them over the summer, and that her crazy mother is hanging around school and her house. On prom night Lucy's mother starts throwing glass and plastic bottles at the house and Gray drives off. Zack takes her to prom and she meets back up with Gray. As they leave Lucy is raped by the entity possessing Gray. In a few weeks Lucy realizes that she is pregnant and also receives her mother's diary. She reads it and discovers that the Scarborough women get pregnant and go crazy by their 18th birthday. The clues to beating this curse are found in the ballad "Scarborough Fair". Lucy has to make a shirt without any seams or needlework, find an acre of land between the salt water and the sea strand, and plow the acre with a goat horn and one grain of corn. Lucy, Zack, Leo and Soledad, her foster parents, figure out how to make the seamless shirt easily. As the weeks go by it seems like the second and third tasks won't get completed, and Lucy will go crazy after she's given birth.

Love conquers all is the theme that seems to resonate with Impossible. Lucy has Leo, Soledad, and Zack to help her out with the clues, while everyone else in the Scarborough line really didn't have anyone to help figure out the clues in the ballad. We turn to family when we are in our darkest hour, and it is their strength and support that helps us through everything. Even if we think we can handel the situation by ourselves there will always be that one person there who will help no matter what.

T.B. 11/11/08

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