Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moby Clique - Cara Lockwood

Bard Academy, on the outside it looks like any other private school, but on the inside it holds a secret only few students know. The teachers there are ghosts of famous writers like Sylvia Plath, Earnest Hemingway, Virgina Woolf and many more. Bard Academy is also purgatory for these writers, who have unfinished business before they move on. Miranda Tate is getting ready to go back for her Junior year at Bard Academy, but she's not going there alone. Her sister Lindsay is joining her after she drove through the window of her step-mothers store. Once they get to Bard it seems that Lindsay is still trying to wreck Miranda's life. First she's seen talking and flirting with Ryan, Miranda's ex-boyfriend. Then she becomes a follower of Parker, who is the snotty, popular, rich girl who hates Miranda and her friends. When pirates are seen around the school and a few students turn up missing including Lindsay, Miranda and her friends along with Parker and Ryan head to Whale Cove. Along the way they avoid the guards and dogs from Bard, but end up getting captured by the pirates. Miranda and everyone else then learns that Mrs. P, Sylvia Plath, is using Lindsay's power to bring the characters of Moby Dick to life because she wants to see her children again and end her time in purgatory.

The third book in the Bard Academy series, and it was just as enjoyable as the first two. I did like that Miranda's sister was brought into the mix. She was a minor character in the first two books, but she is more of a main character in this one. I also liked how Lindsay starts hanging out with the same people who Miranda wants to avoid. People want what's best for their siblings, but it's up to them do figure out how bad or good someone is, even if you tell them what you think they may not listen right away.

T.B. 11/26/08

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