Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rogelia's House of Magic By Jaime Martinez Wood

This is a typical novel in Latin America. It happens so frequently in Hispanic household, where the grandma resides with the family. Many cases the grandmother still has beliefs of old fashion ideas, and remedies. For example many older folks believe in magic, and practice it. Some collect herbs & plants, & give them all to the Virgin of Guadalupe to see if their wishes come true. They also make wishes on tombs of their loved ones who have died.
Rogelia was the person who was a"curando" or spiritual leader, who taught the three girls one summer enough magic that they can handle. The three girls had different personalities, but were eager to learn magic. Xochitl was a quiet girl who stayed by herself. The death of her sister Graciela, affected her being that they were close friends. Fern on the other hand, was outgoing, & had a crush on Tristan, who was an American Indian, who worked in a store. Marina was a girl who took care of how she looked, & very loving with her family. She especially loved her Grand dad, who was her elder, & respected. The 3 teens could see auras on certain people. The auras were different colors depending on what person it was. This novel is a good read for middle school possibly for tenth graders, who enjoy magic, & what it all entails. The novel is worthwhile. LRD 11/09/08

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