Sunday, November 02, 2008

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Once she was Kyla, 10-year-old beloved daughter of parents living on Daisy Lane. Then she was kidnapped by Ray. He named her Alice as he had the first and dressed her in pink and white lacy clothing kept her from eating much besides yogurt to keep her small, flat chested, under 100 lbs, his little girl. He used her as he wished and punished her as his mother had punished him. Once she had tried to escape but the parents on Daisy Lane didn't deserve to die and he promised they would if she disobeyed. Who would she go to anyway, who would believe her? The time came when the little girl became too tall, that was when she was fifteen as it had with the first Alice. Unlike the first Alice who was found floating face down near the place she was kidnapped, he promised to keep her. She must pick a pretty little girl to replace her however, a little girl to dress in pink and white lace, for him to use as he wished. He picked a park where children play for Alice to pick his next prey. He did not count on there being Jason, living dead boy, broken inside, drug user, pusher. Jason watched over his little sister, chosen prey. Jason was determined to love Alice and be loved by her and protect her and he did though the end did not come as readers will want it to come. This story is written from Kyla/Alice's view point. She reruns and reruns in her mind what her life has been like since Ray took her much as a grieving child reruns his/her loss when someone close passes. With each rerun the reader learns a little more about her brutal life. This is not an easy story to read both because of the repetitions and because of the subject matter. Perhaps something this horrific could be happening right now to a child who vanished from quiet street, some good home. This is a very short fast read for anyone willing to live through Kyla/Alice's experience. JDW 11/2/08

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