Monday, August 23, 2010

After School Charisma

This is one of the latest stories of Kumiko Suekane. Not only is it a great story line but it contains Kumiko's great art, with much detail and even more character developing.

Kamiya Shiro it's regular student but different from his classmates, reason? He isn't a clone. Yes Shiro assist to a clone school and takes classes with clones of many well known people through out history. How would you like to have physics with Napoleon? Or your artistic classes along side Mozart? Even having lunch with Hitler! For many a honour, but much to his liking, Kamiya finds himself hated by some for the simple fact that he has freedom unlike the rest of the students. All clones are meant to surpass their originals. But many want to take a different path from their originals. Everything was going as plan until clone Kennedy, had the exact same death as his original. The news got the school owners worried, and increasing the security of the grounds, protecting the 'future' outstanding clones that will soon complete yet another chapter in History. Now all clones worried that they might experience the exact same death as their originals. But Shiro and the rest of his classmates are willing to find out what's going and why the school had covered up the incident with clone Kennedy. But all might go downhill as they found clone Mozart dead in his room.

So far three volumes had been publish in english with the fourth on its way. But this is a very interesting story worth of reading.

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