Friday, August 06, 2010

The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt

Early teen years is a time to begin to become the person one wants to be. Moxie decides her move to a new school where no one knows her is the perfect time to reinvent herself. She has always seen herself as a bland nobody though her name means guts and determination. With each new student she meets the first weeks of school she invents a new persona, conservationist/vegetarian or athlete etc. She maintains a journal of all the various lies she tells students to try and keep things straight. She is an accomplished concert pianist but does not view this as an acceptable persona though that is where her heart is. Throw in other girls with secrets they are trying to keep about who their notorious families and things are about to go wrong. The way things go wrong gets pretty hilarious at time. The way they sort themselves out is quite elegant, intertwined as it is with piano pieces called Bach's Goldberg Variations. I found this to be a fast enjoyable read. Its perfect for any young teen with a talent she might wish were more teen glam, less geeky like. jdw 8/16/10

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