Sunday, August 08, 2010

Gentlemen By Michael Northrup

This is a novel that keeps you anxiously waiting for answers . Three teen boys Trever, Bones, & Mixer are on to the English Teacher at the high School. Their good friend Tommy is missing. In fact, he does not answer his cell phone, which bothers the teens. The teen who calls Tommy leaves a message each time on his cell phone. Tommy never answers back to his friends. One day, Mr. Haberman the English teacher, who calls the three teens "gentleman" , (Trevor, Bones, and Mixer) asks them to help him take a green container to his car outside. The three teens think it a particular, or an odd shape. They believe that Mr. Haberman is hiding a carcass of a deer found by the roadside. This made the 3 teens think that Mr Haberman was harbouring, or maybe Haberman was the killer of Tommy.
The three teens go to their English teacher's home, and knock on the door, and pretend they are selling cookies. The English teacher lets them in, and they marvel at the house the teacher lives in. The three teens started asking questions. The teens roughed up the teacher, and knocked him around. The teacher went to the Hospital.
The three teens went to juvenile hall for what they did to the English teacher. This novel shows the reader what keeps friends together, and what breaks them apart.
I liked this novel.


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