Monday, August 09, 2010

The Devil's Paintbox By: Victoria McKernan

This is a Historical novel that takes place on the Oregon Trail in about the 1860's . This novel captures the beauty of the Western Frontier.
At the beginning of the novel we see two orphans in Kansas called Aiden, and Maddy, who are barely surviving on their farm. They eat mud pies, and not to much potable water. They are brother and sister, so they try to encourage themselves. Aiden and Maddy hardly see people.
One day a man comes riding on a horse, and offers Aiden, and Maddy to join his wagon trail to the Oregon Trail. The trek of 2000 miles, is dangerous, and many physical hardships to encounter. The wagons must cross a ragging river that sweeps away wagons, and people .
In fact, Maddy, who made friends with the wagon Doctor called Dr. Carlos, was swept away, and the body never was recovered.
Aiden made friends with the native American Indian tribe who taught him how to fight and survive. This is a trilling novel based on one of the greatest survival stories of all times. Remember the teens are only sixteen when they start the journey on the wagon.
Aideen the teen male in the novel has his good friend who is called Tupic. This is an American native Indian. After the wagons are destroyed on the River, Aideen becomes a lumber jack for another job. Aideen learns plenty, and makes some money.
There are many events, but read the novel, and you will find out. Aideen matures, and we find he has killed two me3n in self defense.
Read the novel for lots of action.

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