Monday, August 09, 2010

Katy's New World By: Kim Vogel Sawyer

This is a novel about a Mennonite family, and how a teen girl Katy finally adjusts, to being allowed to attend a Public High School. Katy had to get permission from her Dad. Katy's Mother walked out on her Dad and Katy with no explanation. Both the daughter, and the Father never heard from the Mother. Mennonites are a religious group with high morals and peacemakers. Kate wore old fashion clothing with a cap on her head, that made her stand out from other teens.
Whenever katy was invited to a school party, or some one's house for a sleepover she had to ask her father's permission to attend. Katy had to be very persuasive, and usually the Father had to meet the family. Katy's Dad wore a flat brimmed hat that all Mennonites wore. Women had to keep their heads covered. It was part of the tradition, and culture of all the Mennonites.
Katy had to make all the meals for her Dad and herself. Katy also had to help with farm chores.
For example, milking the cows, and anything else that had to be done. Katy's father,drove her to a certain point where Katy caught her school bus full of teens . The teens on the bus made fun of Katy , and would not sure the school bus seats. Katy had to sit on the school bus way in the back of the bus.
This novel was very informative to me, and also interesting. I did not know so much about Mennonites people as a group. Read the novel to find out more.



YA staff said...

I just wondered what Katy's new world was. This review talks only of her old traditional world

YA staff said...

Katy'new world she encountered was attending a normal High School. Also having friends that were not Mennonites, but good friends. Katy was also allowed to attend sleep overs at her new friends house with her Father's permission. It was a new world to Katy, being she was brought up with Mennonite children, and with a lot of rules to follow that were conservative.
LRD 8/13/10