Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bruiser - Neal Shusterman

Brewster, or Bruiser, as the kids call him has a reputation, and everyone hears rumors about him. One day Bronte asks him out, and he agrees to go out with her. Tennyson, being the protective big brother, follows Bruiser home one day. What he finds is Bruiser protecting his brother from their uncle. After that incident Tennyson begins to notice other things. When someone cut themselves it would heal almost instantly. When Tennyson was hurting during a lacrosse game, and Bruiser was there, he took away the pain so Tennyson could continue playing. Bronte and Tennyson don't fully realize what is going on with Bruiser until he and his brother come and live with them for a little bit after their uncle dies. Their parents are fighting and are heading toward a divorce, and after Bruiser is living there they act like nothing is wrong. It is then they see how much Bruiser cares about them to take away their pain, which then becomes his pain.

A chilling and thought provoking novel. I love Neal Shusterman's books and Bruiser is his best book yet. It gets you thinking about how would you act if you met someone who could take away all of the pain in your life.

T.B. 9/21/10

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