Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paper Daughter By Jeanette Ingold

The tittle of the novel had to do with Immigration of Chinese in the United States. Documents of births, marriages, and deaths were destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake, and fire. This novel's main character Maggie Chen who was born with ink in her blood. Her Father fired her imagination with the ambition of the newsroom, and she is anxious to start summer internship at the Herald newspaper. But before Maggie begins at the paper, her Father is killed in a hit and run accident. Despite her sadness, she's determined to begin at the newspaper.
Maggie researches for her first story, which reveals illegal activity that could be linked to her Father. Maggie knows she must clear his name . Maggie goes to Seattle China town, and discovers her Father is connected to the Chinese Exclusion Era. Maggie must confront everything about herself, and her Father. Maggie discovers more about her true self, and her Father's hidden life, and a family she never knew.
This novel was fascinating, and enriched me about Chinese immigrants in the United States.
LRD 9/21/10

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Jeanette Ingold said...

Thanks for the good words. This was a fascinating novel to research!