Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God is in the Pancakes By Robin Epstein

Grace is a teen whose life has been turned topsy turvy in High School. Her best friend Eric is no longer a close friend, because of circumstances. Grace's sanity is saved by her after school's job she has at an Old Folk's home called Hanover House. Grace makes friend with Mr. Sand's who is
a patient there. They become close friends, and share ideas whenever Grace is working. Mr. Sand's has a disease called Lou Gehrig that cannot be cured. Mr. Sand's does not want to be confined in a wheelchair. He would like Grace to help him die. Grace does not want to help him to die. Grace does not want to be the one to snuff him out. Grace tells Mr. Sand's she must think about it, and plan how she will do the deed. Finally after seeing Mr. Sand's suffer so much, she executes his death very carefully. Grace is a Candy Stripper, so she has access to any room in Hanover House. Especially Mr. Sand's Room.
Grace squishes his pills for Mr. Sand's, and makes him drink it several times. It makes Mr. Sand's go to sleep, and never wakes up. The nurse finds him dead in the early morning. Grace planned the death well.
Grace told no one until she attended the funeral of Mr. Sand's. Grace told the widow of Mr. Sand's how she executed Sand's death.
Grace was 15 years old, and becomes close to Mr. Sand's. In fact, she is like a Granddaughter to Mr.Sand's. This novel makes you think, and the reader digs into their heart for an answer to the proposed question asked to Grace. I liked the novel very much .This is a question we all must face one day.

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