Thursday, September 09, 2010

Futureproof - N. Frank Daniels

Luke goes to Peckerbrook High, which is a fine arts school, in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives with his mother, brother, his mom's boyfriend and three of his kids. As the school year progresses Luke gets fed up with living with everyone, and decides to leave and go out on his own. He makes friends with people who can get him drugs like heroin, coke, and crack. That then becomes his life. All he cares about is having sex, finding a job to get money, and getting his next fix. When his girlfriend, Andie, gets pregnant the first time they get an abortion. Later on she gets pregnant again, but is still shooting it up with Luke. When Luke finds out they go to a treatment center, and get Andie on medication. When she doesn't take the medicine for a few days, she starts having abdominal pains, and is taken to the hospital. The baby is born premature, and is in state custody until the courts determine that Luke and Andie are fit to be parents.

I enjoyed reading this book. It gave insight into how a drug addict acts, and thinks when all they care about is getting their next fix, and not caring about much else. It also gave a look into what people will do and sell just to get money. According to the back of the book, there will be a second book in the series, but there's no mention of when it will be released.

T.B. 9/9/10

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